Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should chronic pain sufferers be treated as criminals?

The other casualties in the war on pain medication.

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Spencer Shanz said...

I suffer from neuropathy, and severe pain from my scoliosis, and it is getting harder and harder to get my medications. The stupid and inconsiderate moronic politicians who make the laws think that increasing the already ridiculous control over pain medications makes a difference with the criminals who are already getting the drugs illegally. That type of thinking only punishes the law abiding people who are not addicted to the medications, but need them in order to keep from going stark raving mad from the levels of pain that they have to suffer from every day of their lives. We wish we didn't have to take them, and in fact the majority of us who have to take the pain meds, despise them and pray for some other way. But the evil pharmaceutical companies and stupid politicians do not care, since they are making money off of our pain. They don'e want to find a way to cure the causes of our pain or another way to stop the pain. STOP TREATING US LIKE CRIMINALS AND HELP US. Chronic pain sufferers need to stand together and get rid of the politicians and greedy business men who are exploiting us. We out number them, and our pain is our motivator. Stand together.