Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mike Lambrix of Florida is scheduled to be executed Thursday, October 5that 6:00PM. He has been on Death Row for 33 years.
Please contact Florida Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to halt the execution of Michael Lambrix and grant a new clemency hearing. Phone: 850-488-7146 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm ET) or rick.scott@eog.myflorida.com
  • Mike’s only clemency hearing was 30 years ago
  • Mike has a case for innocence and maintains he acted in self-defense
  • He twice refused offers to plead guilty in exchange for a prison sentence - had he done so he would have been freed years ago
  • Key witness testimony has now been tainted or recanted
  • The purpose of a Clemency Board is to intervene in cases like this where the courts are restricted due to “procedural bar” on allowing a hearing on his evidence of self-defense and other late discovered evidence of innocence
  • His jury votes for death were not unanimous. This sentencing scheme has since been ruled unconstitutional and is now unlawful
  • Mike is an honorably discharged, disabled Army veteran.
Governor Rick Scott
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: 850-488-7146 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm ET)

When you call or write, please be sure to give your name and where you live. If you are not a Floridian, provide a connection (i.e., visit Florida, have friends/family there, want to move there someday, etc). The staffer answering phones will be very nice and courteous. They won't question or challenge you. They simply record the issues that people are calling for and make a tally to give to the Governor.

That's why it is so important for your view to be known. You can simply say: "Please urge Governor Scott to halt the execution of Michael Lambrix and grant him a new clemency hearing." If you like you can add any of the reasons listed above.

Please share this message with others. Only with your help can the work be done and progress made.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hubert Humphrey's Speech on Civil Rights in 1948

Thursday, April 06, 2017

EVENT: "The End of the Death Penalty is Within Sight"


On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GCADP) hosts speaker Adam Tebrugge, a criminal trial attorney with extensive death penalty experience. The event, open to the public, will be held at 7pm at the Mennonite Meeting House of Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 1236 NW 18th Ave. The title of his presentation is
“The End of the Death Penalty in Florida is Within Sight”. Refreshments will be served and additional parking is available at the next door banks.

Attending and contributing to the discussion will be UF Law School Professor Kenneth Nunn, one of 3 UF professors who recently signed a letter in support of State Attorney Aramis Ayala. Ms Ayala has decided to no longer seek the death penalty in Orange-Osceola cases as it is too costly, takes too long, trapping victim’s families in decades of uncertainty, and is not a deterrent to future murders.

Miriam Welly Elliott, GCADP Co-Coordinator notes “this is a very timely event and topic given all that has occurred in the courts and legislature in Florida over the last year. Recent events with State Attorney Ayala have prompted questions about whether her stand will help bring about an end to the death penalty. We welcome the community to come join us in assessing whether Florida needs to maintain this flawed system of justice”.

Adam Tebrugge recently wrote “Our state just finished a 40 year experiment with an unconstitutional death penalty law. Executions and trials have been on hold for over a year. Florida is now ground zero for the national death penalty debate. It is time for an honest discussion of the extraordinary costs and shameful legacy of the death penalty while we support the courageous leadership that will bring executions in our state to an end.”

Adam Tebrugge is a board certified criminal trial attorney with extensive death penalty experience. He is an adjunct professor of law at the Thomas Cooley Law School in Riverview, Florida where he teaches "Death Penalty Seminar." He is also a board member with Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Orlando 12/10: Florida Criminal Justice Reform Training for Faith Leaders

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Criminal Justice Reform comes to Pinellas County

Today Sheriff Bob Gualtieri put forward his Adult Pre Arrest Diversion Program. Among the highlights:

--The diversion program applies to a variety of misdemeanor offenses including theft, assault, battery, trespass, disorderly conduct, petit theft and possession of marijuana.
--If the offender meets the criteria, law enforcement must refer them to diversion instead of making an arrest.
--There is no cost to the offender for the diversion program. They will complete public service and possibly be referred to a program.
--The program will be adopted via a memorandum of understanding between all the local players in the criminal justice system. This means no ordinance has to be passed by the county or any of the municipalities.
--Successful completion of diversion means no record of arrest or conviction.
--The program is available to second and third offenders.

All in all, it appears that this program is a major improvement over the status quo. The goal is to reduce the number of admissions to the Pinellas County Jail, reduce the number of persons on probation, allow minor offenders an opportunity to avoid an arrest record, and promote fairness for all persons.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ACLU Reacts to Department of Justice Report on Racial Impact of Tampa Bicycle Stops

CONTACT:  ACLU of Florida Media Office, media@aclufl.org, (786) 363-2737

TALLAHASSEE, FL –  The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) has released a report on its investigation into racially disparate bicycle citations issued by the Tampa Police Department.

The report found that the Tampa Police Department’s bicycle stop program “burdened Black bicyclists by disproportionately stopping them,” but “did not produce a community benefit in terms of bicycle safety, bicycle theft, or crime generally” in Tampa.

Responding to the release of the report, ACLU of Florida staff attorney Adam Tebrugge stated:

“We are grateful for the DOJ COPS review which validates what the ACLU and Tampa’s Black community have said all along: that the Tampa Police Department’s bicycle stops disproportionately targeted poor Black communities, stigmatizing young Black people with no benefit toward disrupting and preventing serious crimes.

"Parents and young people impacted by this policy have been saying for years that, whatever their intent, the Tampa Police Department bicycle stop program failed to promote public safety and unjustifiably targeted and stigmatized Black youth.

“The report outlines several recommendations and goals going forward which will improve relations between the community and the police department tasked with protecting it that were broken down by the bicycle stop program. We are especially pleased with the recommendations about increasing public transparency and collecting and reporting data on police stops. We look forward to working with city leaders and the community to ensure that these recommendations are implemented in a way that fosters mutual trust and respect between citizens and police.”

Friday, February 05, 2016

Florida Faith Leaders Against the Death Penalty

   February 5, 2016

   At this moment, Florida has no death penalty thanks to a ruling from the United States Supreme Court. The Florida Legislature is attempting to enact a new death penalty statute. This new statute will clog the court system, prolong the suffering of the families of murder victims, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year.
    I am asking you to copy the letter below and bring it to your pastor, priest, rabbi, or faith leader. Ask them to endorse the sentiments contained in the letter. If your faith leader is agreeable, please contact me and confirm that I may add their signature to the letter.
    We are in the middle of a historic moment where we can stop state sponsored killings in Florida.

Adam Tebrugge

Voices of Florida Religious Leaders

     We, the undersigned clergy and religious leaders, reflecting the rich diversity of faith traditions in Florida, call for the end of the state's death penalty. Because we represent such a wide spectrum of belief and practice, we approach public policies, such as the death penalty, in as varied ways as we approach spiritual matters. However, we share the values of respecting the sacredness of all human life and in the human capacity for change. As leaders within our communities, the public often seeks our guidance on issues that require thoughtful consideration.
     We have concluded that the death penalty fails us. We join many in Florida who question capital punishment due to its record as an ineffective, unfair and fallible response to violence. The death penalty applies disproportionately to the poor and minorities and puts innocent lives at risk of execution. Since 1973, 150 individuals sentenced to death were later exonerated of their crimes. When a human life is at stake, there is simply no room for error.
     As religious leaders, we often serve as a resource to victims' families in the aftermath of murder. Given this responsibility, we have a special interest in advocating for policies that serve their needs and promote healing and well-being. There is growing evidence that the death penalty does the opposite: it prolongs victims' pain and delays healing while retrials, appeals, and reversals force families to relive their trauma.
      Finally, we cannot ignore the millions of dollars it costs to administer the death penalty system. In light of the serious economic challenges facing our state and the nation, the valuable resources expended on the death penalty would be better invested in programs to prevent crime and meet the needs of victims' families. As people of faith, we reaffirm our opposition to the death penalty in all cases and our belief in the sacredness of human life. We urge you, our elected officials, to examine the reality of Florida's death penalty and seek ways to achieve true healing for those who suffer because of violent crime. Please support the end of the death penalty. It is time for Florida to move beyond this broken and harmful system.